Lanzarote Holidays 2021 – Lanzarote Events to Enjoy

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There are altogether too many reasons for choosing to holiday on the sunshine island of Lanzarote in the coming year. As the second largest of the Canaries the island offers a year round raft of events and festivals and entertainment for visitors to enjoy and more importantly also locals to make an enjoyable time out of their annual leisure time.

There are plenty of good and affordable accommodation options available on the island too. With a little research it is possible to get a good cheap deal on local hotels and apartments. The holiday visitor who is keen to try something different and who loves history and culture will find plenty of that on the island.

There are plenty of local fiestas and festivals to enjoy and much to see and do.

Dearly held for hundreds of years the Canarian Festival is a music festival attracting stars like Peter Gabriel, Diana Krall, Alex Chinchilla and the Germs. The 5 day event is held in the Jardines Sacred Cavern and is a must see if you are interested in Canarian history and culture.

For another more traditional festival more suitable for families with children, the Lanzarote International Horse trials takes place in the Fort San Pedro and is a prestigious event held in the heart of the capital. International competition and riding is excellent and the festival is widely tipped as being the highlight of the year in the Canarian equitour.

The main tourist attractions on the island are:

The beaches of Puerto del Rosario, Playa de Anaga, Blanca National Nature Reserve, and Miraflores Boulders National Park

The historic city of Arrecife

Puerto del Rosario National Park

Brilliant caves at Collection of the White Phases

The Gran Anker or Anker House, also known as the ‘White Castle’, at the Anker Hotel in Puerto del Rosario

rock falls at Catalhoyo

‘El Manzanal’ another famous natural Mayan ruin

The famous dancing fiesta or festival of the fruits

The historic caldera of Sant Joan

Cenotes of El Anjua, Cerroango and Huelga Caves

Puerto del Rosario National Park

Hueco (pre-Inca)

The Caribbean coast of Cuba

Puerto de la Cruz

Raya de Cabo (Kohangulos)

mitchello (I think that’s a river)

alyssa (sea of courts)

calçada (summer)

verde (Black Forest)

mountain ranges from the north

Temples of Santo Tomás at Tambor

Próxel Abbey

institutional buildings, such as the Library and the National Museum


IN legends it was a magical forest inhabited by the good fairy witch doctor ruah and her reputed black dog in search of the Holy Grail.

More likely it was a salubrious summer that brought the rain and fairytale winds to the island and a renewed sense of promise and inspiration.

To the new settlers the rain and fog outlet at Culebra, just west of the capital. Many a sailor has been gone before our weary sailboats reached the silent isle, and many a traveler hoping for a respite has been disappointed. Much has been written about the disappointed travelers and their goats, chagrin and all, but is it? After listening to the great majority opinion that the weather is ‘perfect’ and the beaches are ‘great’ and the people are ‘ Wonderful’ many have come to regret it.

Puerto del Rosario is the most southerly point of Cuba and a good starting point for tours along the north coast. It is the most developed area of the island and all the tourist areas are well organized and offer good value. If you like to eat out a lot it is probably best to go a little north of the city to sample the great restaurants along the way.

For those interested in exploration, renting vehicles there are a couple of large car hire companies operating in the major cities (which I found through Google searching and the help of Orlando SEO, or endless island hopping can be undertaken with a reputable travel agent or attempting to do everything on foot.