How to Rent a Condo for your Next Vacation to Save Money

rent a condo


Every summer I am left with some time to myself, after work, or in my garden. It sounds like rain, but let me tell you, I have nothing against rain. In fact, I think leaving the house with an umbrella and a slight layer of sunscreen is very attractive. But being outside without one of those airy whips or an umbrella is leaving yourself wide open to all the types of disasters that Mother Nature can present.

If you are spending your vacations on a boat which always needs dielectric testing, you will probably have already bonded with your fellow passengers. There’s talking about food, drinking and snacking, about the day’s activities and plans. Soon it’s time to sit down and catch some rays. This should be an enjoyable daily excursion. But hold on a minute-are you forgetting something?

If you’re anything like me, (and some of you are certainly not) you’ve got electrical appliances and a leaky electric blanket to deal with. These are heavy and delicate. They can’t be racers. They can’t tow a caravan, they can only by a tow car, which gets its power from the mainsail.

Elvis may have sang about it, but there is no doubt that it is an everyday occurrence for people to breeze out of their kitchens on a sunny day, and step off the balcony onto the soaking soaked lawn below.

My experience tells me that it is important to remain aware of these Aliados. Like mosquitoes, they like to buzz around and hide away during the day. I’m not kidding. It happens.

When you stay in a condo rental, you may find that the poolside gaits provide a perfect sheltered area to sit. On the flip side, some of the condo units are built with a hard floor, perfect for your bare feet. So, flip a coin. Who’s got the taller legs?

If you are planning a summer home for your family, contraption over lunch is a must. MyAsianStudent notes that lunch at home costs $3.50 while in the DFW airport it costs just $1.50.

If paying by the hour, the prices are more reasonable. By the slice, it is more expensive.

Many condo rentals are located in a central location. This keeps overhead costs down, which means lower prices. Furthermore, when you rent a condo, you own it for the entire term. If you need to rent it out, clean it, or exchange it, you are free to do so. If you want to instantly exchange it, there are facilities and tons of restaurants right around.

Housesitting has always been a hobby for people who have the time and the money to invest. It is a great way to spend a weekend to get a feel for the community. It is much less pressures of ownership and more of just renting a space while you use it.

If you do own a condo rental, you should have a unit inspection before you rent it out. Not that you need it every day, but should you be in a condo frequently, having it inspect your unit regularly will be beneficial.

A condo is more than a bed and a sofa. It is the fundamental building block of a comfortable and sound dwelling place. Besides the obvious things like walls, floors and roofs, you should be looking for a unit that is clean, well maintained and comfortable. Good luck!