• Maritime Heritage Festival August 15, 16, 17 in Port Washington Wisconsin August 15, 2014

    Tall Ship PEACEMAKER

    Tall Ship PEACEMAKER

    The tall ship Peacemaker sailed into Port Washington’s harbor yesterday in anticipation of the Maritime Heritage Festival this weekend, August 15, 16, 17. The Peacemaker will be open for deck tours throughout the weekend. Also in the harbor for this festival will be the LAKESIDE SPIRIT offering 45-minute tours.


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  • Summer is fleeting; book your getaway at Port Washington Inn now and save! July 25, 2014

    Lavender and daylilies are putting on a show at Port Washington Inn

    Lavender and daylilies are putting on a show at Port Washington Inn

    This year the daylilies and lavender seem prepared to greet the month of August with fanfare as long as moderate temperatures prevail; hot weather will no doubt incline them to ‘march to a different drummer’. So, catch that fleeting opportunity for a summer getaway before the season disappears! Summer is ‘on a march’!

    Just a reminder that we give you 15% off a two night stay and 25% off three or more nights, even during peak season!


    Hope to see you soon! Rita & Dave

  • Hike while staying at Port Washington Inn July 16, 2014

    View from Lions Den Gorge

    2012-10-20 15.35.22

    Wild flowers at Lions Den Gorge October 2012

    Wild flowers at Lions Den Gorge October 2012

    Lake Michigan has the effect of lengthening the season of autumn along its shorelines; a hike through Lions Den Gorge or Harrington Beach State Park will nourish your senses with their natural beauty.

    These photos were taken October 20, 2012 at Lions Den Gorge where leaves had fallen to create a carpet of autumn colors underfoot while random wildflowers still bloomed and some golden leaves held fast to a tree along the beach. Along the trail vibrant orange leaves proclaimed the season!

  • Everything’s coming up roses at Port Washington Inn! July 7, 2014


    We recall our earliest years of innkeeping when we coveted the landscapes with profusions of roses spilling over fences or trellises. If felt like a dream come true when we could admire our own roses spilling over the pergola that Dave and Aaron built. In spite of our ignorance of roses in general, they have proven to be dependable in our landscape. Our white rugosa rose blooms first, followed closely by the roses you see in the photo above (would that we could recall what rose we planted!).

    The roses (and each shrub and perennial that survived this past winter) are treasured for their durability as well as their beauty.

  • Celebrating favorite family-owned businesses within 30 minutes of Port Washington Inn May 23, 2014

    We love spreading the word about family-owned businesses we patronize and appreciate. This week we’ve had the pleasure of visiting three of our favorites: Anodyne Coffee and Pastiche Bistro (in Bayview) and Paradise Garden Nursery on Highway 33 a few miles east of West Bend.

    All of the coffee served at Port Washington Inn comes from Anodyne and is roasted for us once we call in our order. We personally feel that a day that begins without Anodyne coffee is off to a bad start!

    Likely it’s a good thing that Pastiche isn’t right around the corner from us because we would have a difficult time staying away; although why even try to stay away when everything about it is so perfect (the wine selection, the French onion soup which we simply cannot pass up, the delectable entrees and the desserts…….all served in an environment warmed by gracious service and attention to all the details.

    A trip to Paradise Garden Nursery is an experience I look forward to each spring. Once there, I feel as though I’m in another world made beautiful by the TLC of the Ratzburg family. The parents started the nursery and now their sons have joined and grown the business! Their plants are beautifully cared for and always do well; for those of us who depend upon guidance when deciding what to plant where, this is the place to go!

    As Dave reminds me, we also have favorite family-owned businesses here in Port Washington but I’ll save those for another blog.