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Layering is a multifaceted term at Port Washington Inn June 10, 2012


This photo, taken June 9th as the sun was lowering in the western sky, was taken specifically to capture the roses that had burst into bloom as warm weather arrived. The photo also captures a few of the layers comprising the landscape of the grounds of Port Washington Inn. From the corner of Washington & Montgomery, one sees the deep red barberry, roses, pagoda dogwood, and the topmost branches of the crab apple nearest the inn. To the left is the Norway Maple that provides shade for the private balcony of Grace’s Suite. The crab apple bursts into breathtaking bloom early, then serves as a backdrop for the dogwood blossoms followed by the roses which will continue setting blooms into November.


Another instance of the layering in our landscape are the bright spots of color these volunteer snapdragons are adding to corner beneath the barberry.

Yesterday Lake Michigan’s air conditioning delivered some welcome ‘cool’ after temperatures had risen into the 90’s. We’ve all been waiting for the weather to warm up and when it does so along with providing breezes and low humidity, we couldn’t be happier! Biking, strolling the beach, dining al fresco, reading on the back deck….all are golden moments to treasure. But living along the lake is a reminder of the value of layers to keep you comfortable when the temperature can vary 20 degrees in a short time!