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Herbed Omelets are popular at Port Washington Inn October 8, 2011

Grow herbs?  If the answer is yes, you likely have parsley and chives available and now would be a great time to harvest them (or check your local farmer’s market).  By chopping them and mixing them with finely grated cheese, then freezing this mixture, you will have the makings for some awesome herbed omelets!   These omelets have been enjoyed by our guests this past season after we discovered this great combination.  Here the herbed omelet is pictured with breakfast sausages made for us by Bernie’s European Meat Market in downtown Port Washington, our signature whole wheat bread which we serve lightly buttered and oven toasted, and a refreshing cranberry orange accompaniment that perfectly complements the sausages.    Of course there is more……….great coffee, refreshing juice, our yogurt cultured from whole milk, our granola……and perhaps a cinnamon raisin french toast with hints of the bourbon in which the raisins were plumped……..

Come enjoy breakfast at the Port Washington Inn; it’s worth getting up for!