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Enjoy the Smelt Fry and get 25% off your two night stay at Port Washington Inn this last weekend of April April 15, 2011

Fried Smelt

Planning well in advance is supposed to make life easier, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. The Smelt Fry the last weekend of April makes that weekend an extra popular one and at Port Washington Inn and we’ve been wishing we had more rooms as we had to tell callers the entire inn was booked for that weekend…..a year ago!

Now those well laid plans are falling apart and we have four rooms available again for that weekend. Call us and we’ll give you an extra 5% discount in addition to the 15% discount on a two night stay THAT WEEKEND ONLY!

Sow Some Happiness April 2, 2011

April has arrived and in the midwest just saying “April” conjures up ideas of freedom from winter’s dominance and the promise of a garden, however small or grand! As we plant the seeds we ordered for our garden, we are reminded of the promise that is intrinsic in sowing seeds; each seed promises to deliver some happiness and the anticipation is a big part of the ‘happiness quotient’!

The same could be said of a getaway; the planning and anticipation can multiply the enjoyment. So, we asked ourselves, how could we best help our guests to SOW SOME HAPPINESS?

First, by offering the flexibility to book 1,2,3, or more nights using our online reservation system (always accurate and available 24/7) OR by calling us (262-284-5583). With all of the special occasions coming up, a Gift Certificate can Sow Some Happiness while allowing the specific dates to be settled upon later.

Second, by offering added value. We feel strongly that our guests deserve the best we can offer; it’s summed up by “generous hospitality” and “peaceful privacy” because we know your time together is precious. And although one night away can be wonderful, more is better! So our Celebration Special (celebrating our years in business) offers 15% discount on a two night stay this year! And our Stay Longer Special offers 25% discount on three or more nights.

Our new website is more visually appealing with the addition of some professional photographs to augment those we’ve taken. Each room now displays a Rate Range with Saturday nights (weekend rates) differentiated from other nights of the week (weekday rates). Grace’s Suite rates are further differentiated seasonally because of the private balcony and Top of the World Suite because of the gas fireplace. Our online reservation system is programmed with the appropriate rate for each room for each date and will compute the price of your stay once you’ve specified date(s), number of guests and any applicable specials.

Or give us a call; we will always answer the phone if at all possible but sometimes Murphy’s Law predicts that three things are happening at once. If we don’t answer, PLEASE leave us a voicemail or a call back number or send us a quick text or an email. We WILL get back to you.

Good things are happening in Port Washington! Those of you who were here in 2010 may have used the grand stairway that connects Upper Lake Park with the North Beach; now there is a very accessible South Beach and a trail leading south from it. Remember the sunrise over Lake Michigan? The sunrise pictured was taken from the private balcony of Grace’s Suite (also pictured) and a slightly more lofty view is available from Top of the World Suite; Dorothy’s Room with its east facing windows heralds the sunrise, too. Sunrises and birdsong greet the day, and if you are a bird enthusiast our local birding guides will help you identify the many species inhabiting our area.

Port Washington’s historic downtown is being revitalized! Wardrobe Safari and Zing have moved into one of the grand buildings along Franklin Street’s north end near Pear & Simple which has established a refreshing presence in a space that used to be all about antiques. A former jewelry store across the street is in the process of morphing into a refined tea house with specialty gifts from Poland! Not only will you find items in fine taste, but also tasty finds from such shops as The Chocolate Chisel, Bernie’s European Style Meat Market, Dockside Deli, Vines to Cellar, Fireworks Popcorn, Java Dock and Smith Bros. coffee shops. Round that out with locally owned and operated restaurants specializing in everything from Italian to Mexican to German to Greek cuisine plus the all-American favorites. We are indeed fortunate to have such variety within a few blocks of Port Washington Inn!

Many of you have enjoyed our local Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Now the market has been extended throughout the winter months. We’ll be writing more about it on our blog so stay tuned!

Some of you have ordered our Gourmet Picnic (available May through October) to take with you to a local park or on the Interurban Trail. This can facilitate enjoying the great outdoors together without interrupting your day to find refreshment. Cost of the picnic is $45 for two people and requires advance notice. Click on ENHANCE YOUR STAY to add a picnic to your reservation if you are using our online reservation system.

Birds have arrived,

April has arrived,

hopefully YOU, too, will arrive…… to enjoy the pleasures of Port Washington while experiencing the generous hospitality and peaceful privacy of the
Eco Elegant Port Washington Inn
where you can savor award-winning food!

Sow some happiness and watch it grow!

Celebrating 15 years as Keepers of the Port Washington Inn,

Rita & Dave Nelson
Port Washington Inn