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Movies R Us January 27, 2010

In our lifetime we’ve experienced summer Saturday nights when small Iowa communities gathered outside to watch a movie projected on a screen, drive-in movie theaters, small town theaters where a single movie might be featured for a week or more, big city theaters in NYC where it seemed not only the building but the patrons might qualify for the historic registry, the video stores where people flocked to rent their favorites to watch on their VCR’s and now……Netflix.

Movies are great (the best of them are) and our movie video collection at the Port Washington Inn has always been popular with our guests. But the collection is becoming a piece of history as it is completely on VCR format. Now, not only does each of our guestrooms have a VCR but it also has a DVD player! So bring your Netflix movie with you to watch uninterrupted.

Cedarburg's 36th Winter Festival: Romancing the Snow! January 24, 2010

“Love is in the “Frigid-aire” so grab your sweetie to celebrate Valentine’s Weekend during the 36th Annual Winter Festival; “Romancing the Snow” in Historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin, February 13 & 14. So, don’t be stupid, cupid…wend your way to romantic Cedarburg and be our funny valentine.”

For all the details visit:

All events are open to the public and most are free.
Info: 262-377-9620 or 888-894-4001
Saturday 8am – 10 pm
Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Stay at the Port Washington Inn and add a Lake Michigan view to your Valentine’s weekend while saving 30-40% on your stay! Port Washington, only 9 miles from Cedarburg, offers a variety of locally owned restaurants plus a chocolate shop (The Chocolate Chisel) and a wine making shop (From Vines to Cellar), Bernie’s Meat Market, and stunning views of Lake Michigan!

Julie & Julia January 19, 2010

I have to admit to ‘living under a rock’ sometimes, oblivious to ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ of popular culture. Sometimes friends give me a gentle shove in the right direction and I realize belatedly the good things I’ve been missing!

Such was the case when my friend Linda handed me a copy of Julie and Julia the other night. Watching it was pure joy! Meryl Streep brought Julia Child back to life for us and Amy Adams’ portrayal of Julie Powell reminded me of our daughter whose savoring of food has had a similar impact on her life.

Food is so basic to our existence, yet we hunger for it to be satisfying as well as enriching. Julia Child recognized that the cuisine she was enjoying in Paris was a satisfying as well as an enriching feast and she wanted everyone in America to experience their daily sustenance as a feast.

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Ozaukee County Archives Research Facility & Museum January 14, 2010

Combining genealogy research and a leisurely vacation is easily accomplished when you make the Port Washington Inn your headquarters. The Ozaukee County Archives Research Facility is just three blocks down the hill in the restored 1907 Electric Interurban Depot building. There is direct link research capability with the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives and the National Archives Center. Located adjacent to the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, the center serves also as a rest stop, welcome, and information center for trail users.

Outdoor Opportunities at Riveredge Nature Center

Located only 10 miles from Port Washington Inn, Riveredge Nature Center is a favorite with our guests who are looking to enjoy time in the great outdoors. Miles of groomed cross country ski trails, other trails designated for snowshoeing, plus various workshops and special programs are among the opportunities available. Set along the Milwaukee River in the town of Newburg, Riveredge is ‘far from the madding crowd’. Bring your camera to capture photographic memories of your time there. Check out their website at

Note: cross country skis and snowshoes can be rented from Laacke and Joys in Mequon (