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Kind Words Make Our Hearts Sing! April 17, 2008

Innkeeping is a labor of love that is all about sharing.

To meet most innkeepers is to meet people who aspire to offer a special experience to their guests.
The care that goes into decorating and maintaining their inns and into preparing delicious food for their guests is calculated to look and feel as though it happens effortlessly.
A truely professional innkeeper will manage to provide this experience in spite of all the snafus they may have been dealing with behind the scenes.

It is always a pleasure for such innkeepers when their guests are moved to express their appreciation, sometimes verbally, sometimes in a thank you note that arrives after their stay.

Our hearts are always warmed by kind words from our guests and there have been many.
The following note arrived recently from Erika who visited our bed and breakfast inn with two friends who have been visiting the inn for many years (in fact these friends gave the inn a Lenten Rose last year and have also made our hearts sing with their kind words):

Rita & Dave,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how beautiful your B&B home is.
The hospitality was incredible and the warmth of both of your personalities really made me feel very comfortable.
Your place is an awesome getaway.
What a fantastic job you both did with the decor.
I have spent time in a lot of B&B’s
– but your place is the most elegant of all!!
I will be back!


Erika knew that Dave (and our son Aaron) have created many special furniture pieces for the inn in their woodworking shop.
She also knew that Rita uses her sewing skills to enhance the inn.
Erika and her friends had participated in the Saturday Night Good Food, Good Company Special as well as two full breakfasts and she took home a few recipes.

Thank you for your kind words, Erika.
They truly did make our hearts sing!