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Port Washington Wisconsin Attractions March 18, 2008

Some of Port Washington’s attractions cannot be pinpointed on a map: Interurban Bike Trail, the Sauk Creek Nature Preserve, the Art Deco Lighthouse in the harbor, Sauk Creek, the Historic Walking Tour (P.W. has significant architecture predating the civil war)!

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Port Washington Wisconsin Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Eateries

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The Romance of Port Washington Inn March 11, 2008

If you qualify as a baby boomer, you may remember Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”. My Fair Lady dreamed of a “loverly” place.
You may dream of such a place too!

Wouldn’t it be loverly to be magically transported to a place
where the surroundings are beautiful and comfortable?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to find a delicious homemade treat
and complimentary beverage options upon your arrival?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to enjoy a sunrise over Lake Michigan from your room?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to enjoy rich, fresh roasted coffee
before and during your delectable full breakfast?
OR your favorite tea?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to watch a movie uninterrupted?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to sit outside in the park-like grounds
of the inn on a pleasant day?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to share a gourmet picnic while you commune with nature?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to spend quiet hours in total privacy
with your favorite music in the background?

Wouldn’t it be loverly to travel back in time to a ‘kinder, gentler era’?

Time at the Port Washington Inn is “loverly”!
Our guests tell us so again and again.

Come enjoy the romance of Port Washington Inn.

Port Washington Birding

One of the distinctive sounds we’ve grown accustomed to
since moving to Port Washington is the honking of geese as they wing their way between the shoreline of Lake Michigan and areas inland.

In Iowa where we grew up, pheasants were common but geese were not!
They offer entertainment throughout the winter as they arrow through the skies.

A walk along the harbor gives ample opportunity to observe the antics of a variety of ducks bobbing about in the water.

Geese, ducks, gulls are ever present and a myriad of other birds are sighted as they move through the area during their spring and fall migrations.

Ample viewing areas overlooking the shoreline make Port Washington a birding paradise!

At the Port Washington Inn our guests can pick up the Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail Lake Michigan Region AND the Ozaukee Trailside Birding Guide.

Then they can walk to the lakeshore
and Interurban Trail with binoculars and cameras in hand to capture the moment!